Vocal Pathology: Polyps 1.0

Vocal Pathology: Polyps 1.0



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Date Added:24 July, 2014

Author: Blue Tree Publishing, Inc.

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The Vocal Pathology: Polyps app helps students and patients learn and professionals teach vocal pathologies. The app features small, medium, large and hemorrhagic videos. Each disorder case includes a key highlight view of abducted and adducted vocal folds. All disorders and normal video include an audio clip of the patient reading the rainbow passage. A normal animated vocal fold illustration, structure ID and three normal videos help patients and students both learn and contrast pathologies against normal vocal folds.

- Three case examples each for small, medium, large, hemorrhagic and normal views.

- Key disorder highlights and videos for small, medium, large and hemorrhagic videos views. Animated illustration, structure ID and video case examples for normal views

- All disorders and normal views include each patient reciting the rainbow passage. This makes it easy to hear the effect of each disorder on the function of the vocal folds.

- Videos/animated illustration includes play and pause controls. Audio clips include play, pause and stop controls.

- Zoom and pan all disorder highlights, the normal vocal fold animated illustration & structure ID.

- All zoom and pan views include an easy reset button.

- Optimized for 2nd gen iPad+, requires iOS 6.0+ installed.

The Vocal Pathology: Polyps app makes learning vocal pathologies easy. See example screen shots below. Get the app today!

System Requirements: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.

Systems: iOS

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